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Happy Circle

With school staff or parents (or both!), to discuss concerns and issues, and problem-solve effective and practical ways forward (e.g. strategies, activities)

Casual Meeting
Children's Views

Eliciting children's views about education, school, home, feelings, etc. using practical activities and games, enabling them to be active participants in any support plan created for them.

School Children
Bespoke activities

Creation of bespoke activities and programs to support children in areas such as building resilience, increasing confidence, managing anger, building early learning skills, etc. 

Back to School
Supervision & Coaching

Supervision and coaching sessions with school staff or parents to focus on areas such as stress management, teaching practice, career progression, wellbeing, supporting children, reflection, leadership, etc. 

Teacher Surgeries

Surgeries for teachers, 1:1 or small groups, to support  with  individual   pupil concerns, issues with group 

dynamics, reflecting on best practice, and help with planning (e.g. SEMH targets and activities), etc.

Virtual Team Meeting
Strategies for SEN

Problem-solving tailored strategies for children who have SEN, in areas such as learning, socialisation and play, behaviour, as well as a diagnosis such as ASD, ADHD, Downs Syndrome, Attachment Disorders, etc.  

Boy Playing with Blocks

Need my help? 


My approach to Educational Psychology is to fuse psychological theory and practice with fun and interactive support that engages children and motivates them to develop fundamental skills through games, fun activities, arts and crafts, and collaboration with the adults that support them. 

Aside from the traditional role of an Educational Psychologist who supports through consultations, assessments, training, etc., my work focuses on supporting individual and groups of children through engagement in activities and programs that help them to develop their resilience and mental health in a fun and practical way. I either run these programs myself in schools and in a child's own home, or I create bespoke activities and programs for the adults to carry out with them, which is great for when those I work with are not local to me. In this way, I can work with anyone within or outside of the UK - this is especially relevant now given the Covid-19 pandemic where there are global lockdowns that are limiting where children can go and what they can do, as well as having an impact on their ability to cope and their emotional wellbeing. 

The support that I can offer includes consultations, creating bespoke activities and programs, eliciting children's views, supervision and coaching, staff surgeries, and offering strategies for a variety of special educational needs. If you are local, I can travel to you but if you are not, we can meet, plan, and work together virtually through online platforms such as Zoom, TEAMS, or Skype, and via telephone calls and email. 

If you have any questions or if you are interested in me working with and supporting you at school or at home, please do get in touch; I can't wait to hear from you! 

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