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My name is Susana and I have been working in education for over 20 years as a teacher, an advocate, an author, an Educational Psychologist, and a coach. My greatest passion is to make a difference in children's lives by empowering them to believe in themselves, to cope with adversity, and to reach their full potential in all areas of their lives. This passion has moulded the way that I have worked with children, parents, and schools by, focusing on building resilience and developing positive mental health. 

As an Educational Psychologist, I developed a specialism in emotional wellbeing and have always created bespoke programs, activities, and support groups to help children to develop fundamental areas such as their self-awareness, confidence, relationships, growth mindset, and optimism. My approach has always been to learn through fun, engaging, and interactive activities, which children always enjoy! Working alongside parents and teachers is also vital to this process, and most often, the adults also take part in the fun, which makes it even more fun for everyone involved. And the more fun it is, the easier the learning comes. 

I have created many bespoke programs that both I and staff teams have run in schools, as well as others that I run with parents and children at home. Following many years of creative ideas and with a growing need to support children to develop resilience and mental health, I was encouraged to collate my knowledge into a book that would support children at school and my first book, '99 Activities to Nurture Successful and Resilient Children: A Comprehensive Programme to Develop Fundamental Life Skills' was published to support primary-aged pupils and younger teenagers. Shortly after, a second was born that focused on developing these same skills when working with younger children - 'Developing Children’s Resilience and Mental Health: REAL Skills for All Aged 4-8'. I continue to create new activities and programs for schools and families both within and outside of the UK, in order to continue to empower children to be successfulhappy, and resilient, as well as focus on nurturing their mental health and wellbeing. 


Would you like me to create some activities or even a bespoke program for your child at home or your class at school? Get in touch...

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